Church system update

The presentation went well this evening, better than expected. However the church team has a few technical issues to clear up, before they decide whether or not to adopt the system we’ve built with Coldfusion, or stick with a purely static site. We’ll leave it at that, and in the meantime continue to fine-tune our engine.
Currently the church is hosting with Antioch, who have been charging them about S$80 a month for 5 MB of web space, several email addresses and aliases. No CGI-BIN folder, no PHP, just plain HTML. Antioch is a non-profit organisation.
The church IT team was also looking into Lotus Notes for emailing and scheduling, but frankly with less than 20 office staff, the system would’ve cost several thousand dollars, and required an administrator. Our system does both of those things, keeps track of equipment and books, sermons, members’ details, and updates web pages – for less money – with more customisation to come.
Anyway, we are marketing this to other churches who wish to upgrade their IT systems as well, so if anybody wants a demo, let me know.
I’d like to assert that this is NOT a profit-making project. We’re doing it because our boss decided last year that we should give something back to society. So we’ve put together an engine that would’ve cost commercial clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, but have tailored it to the specific needs of churches, which are more people-oriented.
However, we have to pay our expert Coldfusion programmer – who, incidentally, completed most of the system in one working week.
Whatever the decision, the new (static) church website should be launched soon, courtesy of yours truly.


  1. Kristen

    you need any help running the site? i know someone who could give you a hand. ;o) she’s not a fabulously techy person, but she can design and maintain websites. and she’d like to figure out how to use mySQL.

  2. vantan

    Why thanks for the offer! 😉
    I’ll let the team know – alternatively if you get to speak to Loren, you could tell him directly and watch his face light up 😀
    We might need more volunteers if the church decides to manually update the site instead of installing the management system, but as yet they’re still weighing their options. Will keep you informed.

  3. babypuppi

    its time the boss honours at least one of his many promises, and i’m glad its got to do with the church management systems.

  4. vantan

    Not just that … our one month bonuses were paid yesterday. First time in our company’s history!
    So I’ve finally earned ALMOST as much as my banker friend makes in a normal month.

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