Let’s make things better

I finally fixed that buggy thumbnail problem in my photo gallery. And I am continually amazed at people who are inspired to make life easier for the rest of us, by creating the means for this to happen.
The photo gallery system I’m using, is called ‘Singapore’ for no apparent reason other than the fact that it used to be titled ‘Simple Gallery’, then became ‘sg’ which as you know is the domain suffix for the country in which I was born.
Even more interesting is how it came to be, because its creator, Tamlyn, felt the need for a photo gallery for her Photo society at the University of Manchester that looked a little more arty, and which also had extra fields for serious photographers to write their notes in, such as camera model, manipulation and copyright.
Likewise I am deeply impressed by the work of a client, who in his spare time learnt programming. He used his knowledge to reorganise his company’s highly specialised scheduling system. Let’s just say his job is like a zillion miles away from web development. (Side note: I had a lot of fun redesigning his user interface.)
It’s these kind of people who make technology matter. Go, geeks!


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