Keeping calm

With 8-9 projects to handle and close within the next couple of months, I’m in a state where I should be panicking – yet somehow I’m not.
I am in the eye of the hurricane. A step out of place and I will be swept away. So I simply remain, standing where I am, shifting slightly as the hurricane moves around, so I can remain in the centre.
Of course, to remain calm and productive, I have to focus on important matters. Work emails should get answered before personal emails. Right now, I am not answering most of my personal emails and please do not take it personally. I must get my work done first.
I will ignore emails with huge joke attachments because that takes up time and file space. At this stage, I may simply delete them without viewing them.
The time I’ve set aside to do work has been taken up by unexpected meetings, thus I am now burning the midnight oil in the hope that a few more pages of work can be done. I can only count on the Lord to keep myself calm and controlled.
(After the weekend’s burst of activity, my time in SL shall be limited this week until I get all my work done. I’m serious…)


  1. Aaron

    so sorry to be the cause of your late night yesterday… haha. But thanks for the Geylang Crab bee hoon.

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