New media job opening

I’m pleased to report that we’re expanding our little team of 2 people (including myself). View the job description here. You can also check out our general benefits.
If you live and breathe new media and are good at writing and managing projects, this may be a job to consider. It also helps if you don’t mind working with people who can burst out spontaneously into song 😉
We’re the first agency here to launch podcasts, one of the first to develop a blog run by youths, and we also oversee the development of many types of mobile applications.
Spread the word around to any worthy friends who may be interested. Cheers!
Closing date: 5 Feb 2007.


  1. Jason Ho

    so do you think my erm..organisation will crucify me if I join yours? They prob will give me that oh so dirty look whenever I attend the next NMWG after switching to your organisation eh? 😉
    Nice blog Van…:)

  2. vantan

    Hi James, I did work as a web designer. However I’ve been in my current job for the last 2+ years.
    Hi Jason 😉 Hmm … I’m staying out of this one

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