Weekly wrap-up

This is a weekly sum-up, because I have no time and not much of a life anymore. This week, I :
– Was advised by various classmates to be more assertive and drop the Asian humility because everyone else isn’t like that.
– Celebrated my dear friend [Monolog](http://monologs.net/)’s birthday.
– Continue to be on medication for a blood clot accumulated from internal bleeding.
– Did lots of schoolwork. Still behind but am able to work out most stuff on my own with some help from groupmates.
– Am preparing for 2 graded assignments and a graded quiz this week.
– Nearly went to Formula One but couldn’t be in two places at the same time, and I don’t like being rushed.
– Had a sleep paralysis moment 2 nights ago with a disturbing blackish object appearing beside me, muttering chants into my ear. It was not a pleasant experience being unable to move and defend myself, but singing hymns in my head drove it away.
– Asserted myself at home and got into a shouting match because of it, but I got my point across. Long-missing boundaries need to be enforced in my life.
Taking charge!!!