‘Swell’ news

Yesterday, I was diagnosed with a high fever (39 degrees Celcius) and acute tonsilitis. Apparently the swelling went all the way down my throat and two doctors who looked into my mouth, had the shudders. It sounded pretty bad. Even today, it still hurts when I speak.
As such, I will be resting at home and trying my best not to do any work. I’ve been suffering from broken sleep, often waking up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I dream of the work I haven’t completed yet. Definitely have to re-prioritise my life as my health, social life and time with God has been affected.
I will thus be cutting down on all activities until I get better. For those who are kindly planning farewells and birthday dinners later this month, I think (and pray) I’ll be well enough (and not contagious) to share in the celebrations. To friends with babies, I have been quite tardy and promise to visit you … once I stop falling ill so often!
Taking myself as an example, I appeal to everyone not to overwork yourselves, because it really isn’t worth it. Friends have been saying that to me over the past couple of weeks and I know theoretically that it makes sense, but felt helpless to change things myself. Slowly I have to assert myself more, say ‘no’ more often instead of trying to please people all the time.
Being physically, mentally and emotionally worn out will whittle away the enthusiasm and passion for the things we currently love doing.


  1. Yun

    Yo gal, you rest well! Some say life is a balance of work and play. I say they are a bunch of insomniacs who forgot to sleep. Sleep tight!

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