So I say …

Friend A (to pregnant friend B): You should eat bird’s nest and Buddha Jumps Over The Wall*
Friend B: That’s so expensive!!
Me: Why don’t you get Buddha to jump over the wall, land on a tree and pluck the bird’s nest?

* soups with expensive ingredients


  1. Kristen

    see, when i read stuff like this, i’m soooo glad i’m not going through pregnancy in asia.
    i’ve already been told by my singaporean friends not to eat bananas (a breakfast and pre and post-exercise staple for me!) melon or pineapple, but told to eat plenty of fish (which my american doc tell me not to eat more than once per week, due to high levels of mercury).
    it would drive me *mad* to be told that eating bird’s nest soup was good, but eating bananas was bad!

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