Happy Valentine’s

None of us at home are doing anything special this Valentine’s Day. As with many of my colleagues and friends, we think this occasion has become too commercialised. And it’s not like we can’t do something special for each other on any other day.
I know of women who have told their husbands not to buy flowers for them today because it’s not worth the jacked-up prices. I suppose anniversaries and birthdays are more important, because they’re personal to the couple. Nevertheless I’m sure the restaurants will be at full capacity tonight, with couples happily munching on set meals.
I wonder if anyone’s come up with something more original tonight?


  1. Cheah Chu Yeow

    Yeah the restaurants were packed liked crazy. Lucky we were early and beat the crowd. And the flowers thing is just crazy. There were enterprising people going around selling flowers as usual (and a guy who was offering to take pictures – no doubt for an exorbitant fee). I hate crowds and being bugged.

  2. Lina

    I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day myself. But if others are, hey, no problem! However, it can get pretty sickening to see all those lovey-dovey settings everywhere. I agreed on the restaurant comment too, overly packed everywhere! It is too commercialized, for sure!

  3. kar

    Hubs succumbed to it !
    Went for dinner at four seasons and had a room there even … luckily, he has promised me no such nonsense after marriage. So I will say “goodbye” to V-day for good !

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