A few of my girl friends commented that my blog was too techy for them. Well, here’s a lightweight post which may sound very unlike my usual self!
Some long-suffering friends may be pleased to note that yours truly FINALLY went for a manicure and pedicure – for the first time in possibly a year.
The weirder thing is that 3-4 years ago, I bought a package for 10 manicure and pedicure sessions. Then I stopped working for a few months before moving to my current job. Somehow, I just stopped going and forgot about it for a long time, until my mum reminded me about it this year.
Today, I decided to stop procrastinating. I called up the salon this afternoon and gave them my details. They found my records and fortunately they still honoured it. So I turned up this evening for a nail session. The lady attending to me probably spent an extra long time shaving all the excess skin off my feet! I could see bits of wet skin coming off with every stroke of her instrument. My soles are feeling soft and tender now.
OK, it feels weird talking about beauty stuff. I hope my girl friends are happy. Let’s say that I’m _so_ not used to having painted nails that the moment I walked out of the salon to my car, I immediately nicked one nail. Reaching into my bag for my keys was another hassle. Even going to the loo was… OK, you get the idea. Fortunately as my nails are still short, I can type on keyboards and play the piano.
I wonder what my band will think of me when I show up tomorrow, with painted hands and feet. Everybody else will probably be wearing jeans / T-shirts / cargo pants / bermudas… and there’s their band leader appearing in open-toed sandals, afraid to swipe her fingers down the keys lest she chip a nail. Maybe I should bring a change of clothes and wear gloves. (BTW, we found a new drummer!)


  1. Jia

    This is why I don’t get manicures; I always manage to nick a nail even before leaving the salon! Pedicures are much easier to not spoil. 🙂

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