Facebook opens up

Facebook has just opened up to public users who can associate themselves by region (instead of school or workplace). IMHO, it’s a big threat to Friendster and Myspace. Now social networking becomes a triumvirate.
Join the Singapore network! If you’re a friend of mine, add me. I’ve sent invites to some of you.
The first person to approve my friend request is someone I kind of met at SXSW 2006 – Baratunde, a very funny comedian who cracked us up at Fray Cafe.
Michael Arrington from Techcrunch (which I like to read) asked his readers to add him as well. So I will.
Finally, a cool feature in Facebook is the ability to import your blog. I’ve done just that.
Update 1: I understand why some users got upset with Facebook’s new update feed feature. Hypothetically, if I changed my status from “in a relationship” to “single” or “it’s complicated”, I wouldn’t want the whole world to see that. [Then again, if we really wanted to keep things private, why would we go online in the first place? :P]
At least Facebook lets you control some privacy settings and doesn’t keep track of whose profiles you’ve viewed and people you’ve rejected as friends. Awkward stuff like that, it’s good not to publicise.
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