The return of Bistro Cameleon!

I haven’t written about this early enough, but fans of the fusion Japanese restaurant Bistro Cameleon should be delighted to hear that it has reopened at Robertson Walk!

The only difference, say the new, empowered waitresses and chef (employee-owners, I heard), is that they now spell it properly with a ‘h’. In short, it’s “Chameleon”.

The guy who trained under the original owner-chef, Takashi, is now the main chef. So there’s some consistency and quality control.

The salmon sashimi salad looks and tastes the same. Go for it!

The chicken teriyaki pizza with wasabe looks and tastes the same, except the base is a bit thicker and overall the pizza is smaller in diameter (as you can see).

The ramen noodle salad tasted mostly the same – but we couldn’t place our finger on a missing ingredient. What is it?!

The new chef has his own creations – some cooked fish (forgot the name). Pleasant, but not something I will die for.

His beef salad was nice. This can be a meal on its own!

If you have more pics of Chameleon food, do post a comment here with a link to your online album. Cheerios!


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