Today, I learnt about…

  • Nokia phones exploding (link from Kottke). According to a book on security, Nokia allegedly rigs its phones to switch to full power mode when third party batteries are detected, and blames those manufacturers for the damage.
  • Sharp producing the world’s first 3D laptop monitor. No goggles required. I’d expect the price tag to be in the third dimension, too.
  • An Iraqi boy who lost both his arms, his parents and 13 other relatives in a US bombing raid, speaks his mind and very likely echoes the sentiments of by many other countrymen frustrated and resentful of the war. (A small consolation: he got to meet his hero David Beckham, before the Turkey match.)
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a good post on How Not To Get Sued By The RIAA For File-Sharing. It also has a petition with a neat plan to legalise P2P file-sharing AND compensate artistes at the same time.
  • Taking Stylesheets and XHTML further: Mozilla and Firebird have a secret weapon. Go to this page at and hit F7 to turn on caret browsing. You’ll be able to edit and format text in a designated area of the page! This is done by using CSS to specify the editable region (link from Bitflux). This could be useful for editing pages in a real WYSIWYG browser environment. Oh – and it appears to be a CSS3 user enhancement.