Friendster revisited

I abandoned Friendster after a while, when it got slower and I lost interest in the whole social networking fad. But now that it’s improved, I’ve logged back in and discovered:

  1. Horrors – old incriminating photographs of me and my past lives!
  2. Many friends have updated their profiles and photographs and it’s fun going through them all.
  3. I haven’t kept in touch with many of the friends in my list. Eep.
  4. I could have a personalised URL, then discovered that and were already taken!!! By teenage namesakes!! Argh. Oh well. I have to make do with (If you know me, add me. OK, this week it’s social networking overload!!)
  5. It’s time I updated my own profile.

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  1. Dawn Lee

    Hey you! 🙂 I never signed up with Friendster cuz I would hate having my “worlds clash” hehe. 🙂 Anyway, how are you?! Long time no see. Am in Melbourne. Email you soon.

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