May 1st Reboot

No, I didn’t take part in it (like I have the time to redesign this site!). But you can check out the participants in this year’s May 1st Reboot website.
There are too many sites to review, but a random sampling proved to be disappointing – some looking like normal weblogs with fancy backgrounds. Others were image-intensive and took a while to load – some without ALT text.
Voters have also been discriminating (or shall we say, ‘stingy’) with the ‘Ayes’, giving lots more ‘Nays’, resulting in most websites having a negative score! The top-rated site so far, Factory4, has had an impressive 3 points at the time of writing. It’s in Flash, and doesn’t look too bad, but I was actually much more impressed with this year’s Reboot site because of its ambient music, minimalistic layout and highly functional data sorting in Flash. If I could, I’d vote for it!