Boot Camp! (a second-hand report)

I just tested out my grandma’s new iMac and it’s running Windows XP smoothly. The only thing is that the resolution is set to 800×600 (large enough for her to see), so things look a little pixelated and stretched. But yeah, apart from that it’s very much like a PC, if you can get used to hearing the Windows startup tune and default wallpaper framed by the pristine whiteness of a new iMac.
I wasn’t around when my cousin(s) ran Boot Camp but they said the procedure was smooth. This is coming from people who don’t use Macs at home. When you boot up the iMac, it automatically runs Windows XP. However if you want to start in OS X, then hold the ‘ALT’ key when booting up. It’s that simple.
In any case, my 76-year-old grandmother has been playing computer games (not the free games that came with Windows but something a bit more like role-playing). And we got her a Yahoo! email address (Gmail was our first choice, but it kept asking her for an existing email address, which she naturally didn’t have).
It’s so exciting when you wire old folks up. To be precise, it’s wireless but you know what I mean.


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