The ‘Switch’ Log (Day 4)

Despite all my oohs, aahs and bahs over the past three days (has it been that long already?), the G5 PowerMac was purchased with one main purpose: To serve as the main component in my home music studio.
Yesterday evening it embarked on its true life mission, when I installed the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 audio card with MIDI.
In simple English, it means it can take audio input (such as microphone vocals and guitars) as well as digital input from music keyboards. I then hooked it up with my Triton Extreme.
In my first attempt, GarageBand worked OK, although I was trained in Logic and require more than the basic features. However there are alternatives. Last night I recorded a trippy sort of loop with Reason Adapted, which came with my M-Audio card, and now with full MIDI functionality, I think I can much more than clicking and dragging a mouse.