My day

Today I finished re-writing chord charts for a song my new band will be learning.
I am recovering from a viral throat infection and a tongue ulcer.
I am now cleaning up my iCal because somehow during sychronisation between my Mac, the Missing Sync and my O2 Mini, I now have repeat dates for events such as friends’ birthdays, one day after the other.
iSync also rebelled against me today, saying it was unable to sync with my O2 Mini. I wondered if the recent firmware upgrade to my phone has anything to do with it. In any case I just discovered (duh!) that I was using an older version of the Missing Sync and was entitled to a free upgrade to version 2. So I’m doing it now.


  1. ag

    Hey Van,
    Hope your throat recovers soon. Do post on your new band’s performance.
    Take care!

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