This weekend, I …

Went to HMV and picked up several CDs by James Blunt, David Gray, Beth Orton, Beck, Beautiful South, Clementine, Lee Ritenour, Nik Kershaw, and Youssou N’Dour. Since I had to take some $#(*% work home to make up for the holiday I’m taking this week, I decided I should at least listen to some new music.
[ I recently learnt that Blunt was from the same university as me, though he’s a couple years older. He (a student of aeronautical engineering) was probably in the building next to mine (Law). It is so inspirational. Of course, in law school we had a Cypriot junior who represented his country in Eurovision and has a few albums to his name… see the things we have to study (for our day jobs) so we can live out our dreams? ]
[Correction: According to the University of Bristol Alumni newsletter, Blunt did not study engineering but sociology. ]
Met up with Krisalis, Wuyuetian and Tribolum. We each whipped out a camera, and geeks that we are, started discussing their features. Also, we learnt that some Isetan staff didn’t even know there is a Dome in their building. And it’s been open for months. Bollocks.
Played 9 holes of golf (finally!) and didn’t do too badly either – I actually managed a bogey for one hole. My joints were creaking, though, and it was disturbing to see how many children there were on the course – and some of them were probably better than me!
Anxiously await the arrival of a good friend’s baby girl … here we go again!


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