Towards Saigon

We fly to Saigon today. I prefer to call the city the way its locals call it.
I consider myself a fairly seasoned traveller. The biggest dilemma for me is deciding whether or not to bring the newly-polished* VanPod II, as well as my digital camera charger.
My main bag will be small, because I don’t need a wardrobe of clothes, and I don’t like to shop.
I will bring a dainty backpack, but will keep it in front of me in crowded places so the pickpockets don’t get me. A local will take us around, and I hope to see the Cuchi tunnels as well as some markets and art galleries. And to partake in fine cuisine. And take lots of photos.
*I bought iDrop, which was about all that AppleCentre Orchard had in terms of scratch removers. It removed one big scratch but another still remains. Lots of little scratches disappeared, poof. View the night-before and morning-after pictures.


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