This month’s business

This month has been so crazy that even thinking of what to blog about has become a chore. I am preparing for events both for work and family, while also endeavoring to apply whatever ‘strategic planning’ I’ve learned on the job, to my own life.
This month I learned:
How people at the top cover up mistakes. This has nothing to do with my work – I respect the integrity of my own senior management – but something that’s affected people close to me. It disappoints me to see how good intentions can be betrayed, and how a great opportunity has been lost.
How to make the most of my iPad. I have used it to do almost everything it possibly can, except make me breakfast. Yes, a separate blog post is overdue for this.
How to manage difficult people who may have good intentions but end up making things more complicated. This is a work in progress. Perhaps I should see it as good training in conflict management.
And BTW, none of this is about my official work at all! If only life could be so easy.
Having said all this, I am happy for the extra bonding moments spent with my cousins in the past month. We’re all in this together for a common cause.