Gahmen Bloggers Meetup (GBM)

[ Update: 9 of us so far! I’ll send everyone an email this week. In the meantime, read about what my co-organiser RamblingLibrarian has to say about the meetup. ]
A few of us were thinking of setting up blogs in our organisations. Then we thought, why not have an informal Gahmen Bloggers Meetup?
There are no hard and fast rules, apart from the fact that you should be a civil or public servant, listed in the SGDI. Also, if someone shares some info with the rest of us, but asks to keep it confidential, do respect that. No recording or surveillance devices will be used; no Minutes will be taken (yay!). However, in line with official policy, bar top dancing is permitted.
You don’t have to be a blogger, but should be interested in exploring blogging as a new medium. Those who have already started blogs can share their experiences with the rest of us.
Those interested can email me via the usual form. Please include your Gahmen email address so I can add you to the ‘Lotus Notes’ mailing list. We might hold the first meeting in November. [Update: I have disabled this feature in the form.]
[ See also: Some tongue-in-cheek ideas from Blinkymummy about setting up proper Gahmen blogs. Don’t worry, we’re not that evil. ]