A wedding reunion

H and A got married yesterday and we Bristolians had a great time at the dinner. I was really happy for the two of them, and H was moved to tears on a few occasions. I wondered if I too would ever experience such overpowering love for someone else.
The ballroom was smaller than expected, but that made it more intimate. The food was good; the company, even better! Though I’m usually not a dessert fan, I must say the chocolate mousse with a crunchy wafer base, encased in a milk chocolate heart, was the best thing ever (yes, I punned that we could ‘Eat our hearts out’). And though I haven’t seen many schoolmates in years, it was amazing how we could start talking as though we left off yesterday!
YM and her other half, V came over to Singapore, and so did Y from Mauritius. MH also came down from Malaysia. We had people on our table who’ve never come to Singapore before. The groom’s parents were there, of course – his mother seemed to have a sense of humour. And I finally got to get a glimpse of his much-fabled beautiful sister!
As friends hopped from table to table, talking about everything under the sun, I looked around me and wondered, has it been nearly 5 years since we graduated? How infrequent have our gatherings become! Must we get married in order to see our friends again? Noo…..
GY brought his baby around – a cute, chubby boy, less than a year old, who liked grabbing things (taking after his father I see – ahem!). Some of us are still amazed that he was the first in our group to settle down.
Of course, seeing how many of my schoolmates actually DID become lawyers, the numbers thinned down gradually as a few of them went back to the OFFICE. One of them mentioned he still worked past midnight.
And I’ll be off to Shanghai in a few hours’ time, so ta ta for now and have a good weekend!