All the activity is happening at my [INSEAD blog](http://vantan.org/insead) for now, so head over there if you don’t mind reading ‘back to school’ insights.
I am contemplating going to a church retreat in JB but alas it’s in the first week of my second term and I am not sure if I can skip Friday classes to make it on time. We’ll see how that goes. I doubt there are many people my age who’ll be going…
Other good news: Perhaps due to being back in school and feeling stressed like a student again, I’ve had tunes popping in my head and have been scrambling to record them down. At this rate I may have a new album by the time I graduate. Pity my G5 PowerMac’s broken down and I haven’t had time to send it for repairs yet. So I have to switch to my MacBook Pro to make music already. It runs Logic Pro just fine, but I haven’t got an audio connector yet.
Anyway, this post is getting geeky so I should stop blogging and go to sleep. It will be a looong Monday.