Going to INSEAD

I’m officially announcing that I will be doing my MBA at [INSEAD](http://www.insead.edu/) this Fall.
It took me many years to decide to do an MBA, and it was not easy. I told God I could not do it without Him, and He answered my prayers.
Of course, an MBA is not an end in itself – as if any paper qualification would be, though some places peg your prospects to it – but I hope it will teach me things I’ve haven’t learnt at work, and open up more opportunities for me. There are many worlds I have yet to see, explore – and dare I say, conquer?
This explains why I have been rushing to take my French exam, as we need at least 3 languages to graduate at INSEAD. It is certainly not easy, but we’re up to the challenge. Being in an international school requires you to communicate in different languages. Speaking 5 or 6 languages at INSEAD is not too uncommon, from what I’ve heard.
I finally got to meet my classmates at the Open Day on Saturday and it was great. We spent the whole day together. I think there are many nice people around, and the number of countries we’re from is mind-blowing. Some may prefer US schools but I’m happy with going to a school where no nationality is dominant. A cross-cultural understanding is important in today’s globalised business world.
Some friends had the impression I would be leaving Singapore very soon. To be precise, I am going to my sister’s convocation in the UK in early July. My orientation and preparatory course (for those with no business background, such as *ahem* public officers) will start in August. The actual term will begin in September. Next Spring I intend to make my way to the Fontainebleau campus, and that is where I may spend 2-4 months.
It is a big time in my life, as I step into a brave new world. In some ways I’m sad to leave some great memories and people behind; in other ways, happy and excited at starting life anew.


  1. Jia

    Congratulations on doing your MBA! This is a really exciting stage in life, isn’t it? So you’ll be in UK in early July…any chance you’ll be in London for a catch-up? 🙂

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