To the Trackback spammer

I received over 90 trackback spams from you just today. I wonder why you’re wasting precious hours of your life every day doing this to bloggers. For one, no matter how many times you try to spam my comments and trackbacks, there’s no way any of your messages will get posted on any of my blogs.
You see, none of the comments posted on my blog will be published unless and until I approve them. Interestingly, it seems to work for trackbacks too. You’ve wasted your time.
Looking at my email notifications, you started spamming my weblog’s trackback as of 2.15pm and have kept on going until now (9.25pm). I am amazed at the amount of effort you are wasting on this site. Even as I type, new trackbacks are trickling in.
And now I am about to delete all your efforts in one fell swoop. How does it feel, having worked for nearly a day on this, only to find that nothing’s going to happen?
If you think I or my readers are fool enough to click blindly on any of your senseless, random posts, you are grossly mistaken.
Go and focus on marketing your own website properly, instead of free-riding on other people’s servers!
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