Anti-procrastination day

Today was my anti-procrastination day. It began a little shakily with me getting out of bed 10 minutes later than I had planned, but thereafter I set about tackling my overdue to-do list. I:

  1. Gave up trying to activate my newly-purchased copy of Adobe Photoshop online (there was a connectivity problem with my PowerMac). In the end I activated it by phone. I’m usually quite loathe to make phone calls, especially to do with software problems. Ugh, at least I got that out of the way.
  2. Informed the people at church that I and a friend would be signing up for the ‘Christianity Explored’ course. My friend may be reading this post. Yes, it’s you.
  3. Threw out some old clothes I used to wear in university, which I’d never want to wear now.
  4. Finally bought new music software which I was eyeing for a while. At first I felt it was too amateurish for my needs, especially since I already had Logic Pro 7. Then realising that it was so easy to use that I’d save a lot of time while practising for my jazz piano lessons.
  5. Restored/reformatted my buggy iPod. Quite a big task, considering my 60GB iPod is nearly full. Imagine how long it took to load back all my songs and photos!
  6. Returned to dance lessons today, after skipping alternate lessons due to my busy work schedule. Managed to recall some salsa steps taught in previous lessons. Learnt some basic ballroom dancing steps.
  7. Completed another family project, taking photos of old photos. Worked past dinnertime to complete the job.

I still have yet to sign up for new gym classes and sort out lots of other things. But it’s a start.


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