The Garden and the Tunnel

I dwell within a Realm. I undertook a mission, and chose the path less travelled. I soon found myself at a fork. There were two main choices: a Garden, which was familiar and inviting, and a Tunnel, which was mysterious and challenging. Many inviting things could be grown in the Garden – all varieties of flora and fauna. Yet the Tunnel was the source of wisdom, through which all decisions in the Realm would be made.
So I chose to stretch myself, and began my unfamiliar journey through the Tunnel, getting my knees and hands dirty in the process. I started to love the Tunnel because there were lights to guide me. Then the light nearest to me flickered, causing shadows to rise, and I started to doubt its consistency.
Yet in the midst of my disappointment, I realised there was still the ultimate Light, shining at the end of the Tunnel. It provided the direction that all of us had to take in order to reach our destination. I realised I should not be disheartened even if the halfway point had dimmed. All the more now I must take on the challenge and strengthen myself, so that I can faithfully follow the wisdom of the Light and lead others along with me.
At the same time, I envisioned the Garden I once lived in. It beckoned to me again, just like it did years ago when I first arrived in this strange realm. I considered returning to pluck its fruit – not exactly of the forbidden variety, but tempting enough. This time, the fruit in question dangled much higher than the ones I gathered before – a tougher call, but surely, within my reach?
But I shut those thoughts out, knowing that once I chose the path of the Tunnel, I should not return to the Garden. In all the Realms, there are many more such Gardens now, and even more Gardeners who can take care of it. So it is time I found new territory to conquer.
The Garden and the Tunnel do not appear to be related, but they are. The Tunnel is the focal point of all the other lands in the Realm. It was designed to penetrate new worlds and expand the Realm through the leadership of the Light. However, in order to be recognised for its worth, the Tunnel must address the challenges that lie within itself, so that it does not cave in.
The Light at the end is seen by all, and revered by many. The Light has always been around me, although I never noticed its presence at first. It used to hover around me from time to time, guiding me even while I was in the Garden, though I never appreciated it in its fullness. I moved closer to the Light – thinking I would be blinded – but instead I have become enlightened and inspired. My desire is with the Light; to be like the Light.
The Light exposes goodness as well as areas of weakness on everything it shines upon. But one should not run away from the Light because it is there to help us. I have turned to the Light for guidance on the uncertainties faced within the Tunnel. The Light has taught me to observe what is truth and what is simply perception. And this is what I will be doing for the weeks to come, so that I can discern between the obstacles and the stepping stones.