[Too sleepy to think of a title]

I’ve been feeling a little run down of late, both physically and mentally. My body has been crying out for more sleep. My mind falls asleep when it should be at work. Yet I find myself unable to stop… surfing and blogging (see what I mean?).
Anyway, I cheered up a little when I found out that another old namesake (and Bristol senior) of mine has a blog, too. It’s a goody-bag of quirky anecdotes, one-liners, wacky and original poems, and even full transcripts of Singaporean political dialogue. Bright and cheerful, very much like the person I know in real life.


  1. Dan

    I just downloaded Mozilla and had a look at your site as its supposed to be. It looks great! I really like the way you’ve archived the entries by category – that’s neat. Your friend’s blog is funny too.
    I identify with the sleepiness – I haven’t been to bed once before 1 or 2am this week; too much surfing.
    Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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