I must declare that I finally filed my Income Tax (online, of course). And I definitely hit the last submit button. To be safe, I printed out my pre-submit page as well as the final page. I have filed my documents and kept them in a cool, dry place.
Soon after this momentous occasion, I came across an interesting and pointed Op-ed on the New York Times. If you could choose where your taxpayer’s money went to, what would it be?


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    hi vanessa,
    i am here to reply to your comment (and question) on my blog -finally!- yonks ago… you’ve probably forgotten all about it but yes, we did know each other in scgs. yikes, that was a long time ago!
    i just wanted to say that i visit here often – i enjoy blogs that are updated frequently but i can’t help but feel guilty for being so standards un-compliant! i’m still very much stuck with old school html. when i find the time (and inspiration) the next blog change will be valid valid valid!!

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    and there is one more thing: thanks for sharing your spiritual journey so openly. it’s great to hear that you’re doing well.

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