Safari versus Firefox

Mac users may notice I’m no longer using Verdana as the default font on this site 😉 Hope it looks a little smoother now.
The other thing is, this slight modification to my stylesheet has drawn to my attention the difference between how Safari and Mozilla Firefox (running on my Mac OS 10.3.5) renders text.
Safari versus Mozilla Firefox - differences are highlighted
I noticed this a while ago but thought I might as well note it here: Safari capitalises the ‘O’ in, presumably in response to my stylesheet’s .sidetitle { text-transform: capitalize; } command. The text in Safari appears to be smaller.
Also, Firefox is a little tight on my line height. Either that or my stylesheet’s tight. Hmm. Anyway I’m still working on a redesign and waiting for MT3.1, so that’ll be all I’m changing for now.


  1. Liza Ng

    Since you are using ems for font sizes on, it is possible that the discrepancies in font sizes in Safari and Firefox could be caused by different default font sizes for the two browsers.

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