Notable news

In the same fashion as Apple’s Switch ads (to the uninitiated, a series of testimonials from ex-PC/Windows users who’ve left the Blue Screen of Death behind), someone’s come up with a Switch ad for registered Republicans who want to vote for Kerry.

Wired has a comprehensive article about this radical political movement. A sample quote from a former Marine:

“We were given these ideas that there were weapons of mass destruction… It was just a lie. That wasn’t a proper use of American troops. It wasn’t a proper use of my life, or my friends’ lives, or the Marines who I’ve seen die around me.”

You can watch his video and other popular Switch ads here.
On a similar note, there is also the Diplomats & Military Commanders for Change (DMCC).

Oklahoma judge resigns after getting caught masturbating and using penis pump during trials.
I found this particularly funny:

The judge has denied the charges and did not refer to them in his letter of resignation.

“I have greatly enjoyed my public service and offer my gratitude for the public trust reposed in me during the terms I served,” he said.

First, Beckham. Then, Owen. Now, Woodgate? What’s Real up to, signing up big English names (who IMHO have already reached their peak). But I’m glad Vieira decided to stay where he is.