Google Analytics

After a hiccup or two with Google Analytics, I left the system to run on its own, and decided to check on the stats (to give Mint a run for its money). Might I say Google’s stats are nice to look at, and much more detailed?
Let’s take the regional information, for starters:
Countries listing
A slice of the pie. And here’s what you get when you view, say, Singapore:
I know where you stay, hor!
Like, how scary is that? Actually, I do want to know if any of you readers are really from these areas. Leave a comment, if you are!
[ps. I clicked on United States and saw a breakdown of states. Then I clicked on California and saw 20 different areas. This is cool. Incidentally, hello to San Diego, whoever you are 🙂 ]
[Update 20/1/06: A detailed comparison of web stat services. ]


  1. Ivan Chew

    Mine isn’t there. But maybe it got pushed out. BTW, I also see “Windsor Park Estate” on my stats alot, although I don’t use Google Analytics. In your experience, do you think Google Analytics provide more accurate data? I use both Statcounter and Sitemeter and they report different results. So normally I do a bit of averaging.

  2. vantan

    Ivan – all I had at the time was numbers 1-28, meaning that Google either missed out your district, or it’s lumped together at no. 2 (no data). As with geekatwerk.
    ss from ‘Nee Soon’ – thanks. I was a bit tickled when I saw it on the list – you’d think they’d use ‘Yishun’.

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