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Someone wrote in just now to tell me he found my blog while Googling for “That CD Shop”. Sure enough, two of my blog posts rank #2 and #3 when you Google for that phrase – be it using Singapore or international settings.
Aside #1: The last time someone found my blog while searching for ‘that’ shop, we ended up emailing each other, then he came to my house to fix my PC. We’ve met up for meals (once, meeting outside That CD Shop at Great World City) and have been friends for the last few years.
Aside #2: The reason why other websites and blogs such as mine turn up higher on the rankings, is probably because That CD Shop doesn’t have its own website. So when people Google for the shop, they end up clicking on one of our links instead. Someone at the shop told me that a while back that it wasn’t part of their strategy to move their sales online. However they could still set up a simple website, listing their contact details, locations and latest titles.
This blog also turns up #1 on Google searches for “HP iPaq 6828” which is the phone I purchased earlier this year which was then lost/stolen in a ladies’ toilet. Ahem, anyone from HP reading this? šŸ˜‰
Aside: Between the iPaq and the Dopod 818 Pro which I purchased 2nd-hand after losing my iPaq, the iPaq is still better overall. The Dopod is slimmer and has more buttons (which is good if you like accessing your wireless settings often, but bad if you find yourself activating your camera while trying to turn off your phone). Also, the pre-installed HP software gave more control over phone settings. The Dopod required a ROM upgrade which wiped out all previous data. If I didn’t upgrade the ROM, the Dopod would turn itself off on its own, even when data was being keyed in at the time. However, I felt downloading pages over the net was faster on a Dopod which has 802.11g compared to the iPaq which only has ‘b’. See also my earlier comparison between the two models.
Finally, this blog has reached its 2000th comment (not counting spam). The honour goes to my ex-colleague Yun who commented on my new red iPod nano. Congratulations! You win … er, a hug! Claim it from me when you see me next time šŸ˜›
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  1. Gerard

    I actually found your blog whilst searching for the Ipaq 6828 information. (and I am from HP Malaysia). Unfortunately, I can’t supply you a replacement, but you could report your serial number into HP Singapore, in case someone brings your Ipaq in for repair.

  2. Yun

    Oooh, a hug from you! Valuable commodity…is it transferable? Could fetch a good price at an auction! Keke…kidding of course!

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