The ‘Switch’ Log

Things I have done while in the process of switching from PC to Mac, in chronological order:

  • Wiring the 20″ display to the G5. Fitting in wireless keyboard and mouse with batteries. Starting the computer for the first time!
  • G5 detects the wireless mouse and keyboard. I wonder why the connection to both devices is so shaky. Then I realise it’s because I hadn’t plugged in the Bluetooth antenna at the back of the G5.
  • I plug in the ethernet cable. G5 immediately connects to the home network / internet. I register my hardware with Apple.
  • I run the software updater. Lots of programs need updating.
  • Computer speakers are plugged in.
  • I test out iLife’s pre-installed programs. I visit to see what Jason means about being blinded by his own site’s colours on his Cinema Display. I visit Zeldman to see why he raves so much about smooth fonts. Then I visit my own site. I think Safari is nice, but why doesn’t it have tabbed browsing? [OK guys, I get your message, I stand corrected. Safari does have tabbed browsing!] I decide I still prefer Mozilla Firefox. Yeah!
  • I answer a couple of emails.
  • My mobile phone pairs and syncs with G5, after an initial problem with memory shortage on my phone. I view my contacts in the Address Book, and my schedule in iCal.
  • G5 meets VanPod! Music files and documents are transferred.
  • In the meantime, I decide I’m not entirely happy with the default Mail program. I think I’ll get Thunderbird. Yeah!
  • I realise that I need to export my default Address Book to Thunderbird. I learn of this handy Address Book Exporter.
  • I learn of a software treasure trove for OS X. However I am not going to do anything fancy until I figure out how to get my printer working…[Update: Drat! HP does not have a driver for the Laserjet 1000 series. And no, installing the driver for Laserjet 1010/1150 does not help.]
  • Oh, Glory to God in the highest … I had no idea my photographs looked so good, until I saw them on my cinema display. Heavenly!
  • I start looking for desktop wallpaper and other fashionable accessories. I just found this.
  • My eyeballs are popping out. I already darkened my oh-so-brilliant and sharp-looking screen, but to no avail. I’m going blind, folks. I’ll continue tomorrow.
  • Yeah, right. I’m having my second wind early this morning. Now I’m looking for newsfeed readers and all-in-one messaging programs for OS X.
  • More to come…


  1. sk

    you can turn on full keyboard access at “system pref > keyboard and mouse > keyboard shortcuts”.
    under safari’s pref>advanced , there is also a setting for tabbing.
    if you want to extend the possibility of safari, you may consider paying for saft (
    hope these help. and welcome to the mac’s world 🙂
    [This comment has been slightly modified because it contained some punctuation marks which confused the W3C validator 🙂 – vantan]

  2. jim

    hey…some points..
    1) safari has tab browsing. check the preferences and enable tab browsing
    2) when updating software, always remember to do a permission repair using disk utility (under applications/utilities) and do once more after the whole update is done…will hopefully clear any problems due to screwed permissions
    3) have lotsa fun!!

  3. Dale Cruse

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your new machine. I have a few suggestions that you might enjoy:
    For a news reader, check out Net News Wire. Very powerful. And there’s a Lite version that’s free.
    Also, if you want to continue dressing up your icons and desktop, stop by and Both are visual treats! Enjoy – and best of luck!

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