We’re experiencing a couple of problems with iPod and iTunes synchronisation here. Advice and provision of any links to tutorials, troubleshooting and FAQ pages would be greatly appreciated.
It seems that my sister’s new 15GB iPod is unable to sync with my PC. My PC only recognises VanPod, my own 40GB iPod. We’ve already registered her new iPod on the Apple website. By default, 15GB iPods don’t come with the dock, so I thought she could use mine, and since some of our CDs are shared, why couldn’t she load our files onto her iPod from my PC and dock?
So we decided to install iTunes on her own PC. However as she’s on Windows 98, she couldn’t perform the installation. Bah! [Update: Problem solved. My sister’s iPod was suddenly able to connect to my PC, after my last re-insertion (!).]
The other thing that irritates me is the fact that the Apple Singapore iPod section has had a broken CSS link for eons and hasn’t fixed it, even though I wrote in to inform them of it last week. I even told them which link it was. Heck, I’d do it myself if they’d let me, because the site isn’t very pretty at the moment. [Update: They haven’t done anything about it, probably because it looks fine in IE. But it doesn’t look OK on my Firebird.]
[Update 14/4/04: Zeldman’s walk with the Panther, just in case any Mac users are planning to upgrade. ]


  1. vantan

    Thanks, Jim. Strangely enough, before I got round to giving my sister Administrator rights, I re-inserted her iPod extra firmly into my dock – and voila! I was asked to register her iPod and give it a name. It’s now syncing up to my 1,500 odd songs. Cheers!

  2. Varian

    What about syncing iPods on different computers? Can i run iTunes on two boxes (say, a Mac at work and a PC at home) and expect them to sync properly?
    And all Windows iPodders should definitely check out; my vPod’s home is a Mac but i hear EphPod allows you to transfer songs *out* of your Pod. Nifty if so. 🙂

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