Gadget overhaul

VanPod IV died last week and this time I must admit the fault was entirely mine. I plugged it into my new laptop, forgetting that while iTunes was installed, the iPod software was not. Now VanPod displays a folder with an exclamation mark, and I think my warranty has finally expired.
In any case, I had my eye on the red iPod nano – the one where part of the proceeds goes to fight AIDS in Africa. Now I’m involved with AIDS at work and it is a topic I feel more deeply inclined to doing something about. So I was very happy when I logged onto the Apple Singapore website in the morning to see the red Nano on the home page! And even better, it comes in 4GB and 8GB versions.
Taken from the website:

…a portion of each sale from every iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED sold goes directly to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Which means your iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED sounds good and does good at the same time.

The red Nano would sync with my Nike+ shoes… which would in turn help me keep track of the calories I burn. An all-in-one health package for socially-conscious geeks!
Along with the new Nano I am thinking of getting a new microphone. Either the Belkin TuneTalk™ Stereo or the Griffin iTalk Pro. I have the previous generation of microphones by both brands and the Griffin iTalk was much better in terms of quality and design. I am wondering if the same goes for the latest models. Any ideas?
[Update: iLounge has a review of the iTalk Pro with photos of the iTalk Pro attached to a video iPod as well as a red Nano! After reading the other review on the TuneTalk™ Stereo, it appears that the latter is slightly better. However, it’s a third product, the Xtreme Mac MicroMemo that gets the highest rating so far.]
Of course, a 8GB Nano will not do justice to my huge music collection. So I also intend to get the heavy duty 80GB video iPod. I had nearly run out of space on my old 60GB photo iPod.
That leads to the next gadget on my list: A hard drive backup/storage system. As previously reported, I’m nearly reaching the limits on my 160GB hard drive, on my G5 PowerMac.
There are also plans to get a high-definition camcorder – preferably in time for the Lexus Cup next weekend, which I will be attending.
And if time (and money) permits, I may finally upgrade my room’s hi-fi system, which currently comprises a first-generation CD player. The whole system is very 1980’s, still running but needs to be knocked and jiggled about for the connection to work.
But for now I’ll be happy with the iPods. No plans to get a MacBook Pro this year if my G5’s going to get more disk space. In any case, I’d like to see the rumoured 12″ MacBook Pro first. And also, I won’t upgrade until OS10.5 comes out.


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