The ‘Switch’ Log (Day 2)

I only had about 4.5 hours of sleep today, thanks to my new Mac fetish. While I was able to accomplish most of the items on my ‘to-do’ list, I did feel disappointed that I have so far been unable to:

  • Find an OS X driver for my HP LaserJet 1000 series printer. HP only has OS X printer drivers for the LaserJet 1010, which do not work. No, they don’t even have a OS 9 version for the LaserJet 1000, either.
  • Get Mozilla Thunderbird to import my Address Book exactly the way I want it. Some of my contacts’ fields have been mixed up.
  • Locate the other computers on my home network. Maybe I should attend the free Home Networking seminar at Apple Centre Orchard tomorrow.

Also, my G5 hung for the first time today. I was unable to force-quit an installation of an upgrade for Stuffit Expander which had stalled, because it didn’t even appear on the list of active applications. I tried switching to my sister’s user account but there was no response. When I did a physical reboot, I was taken to the usual Login window – but this time, my user name wasn’t there, just my sister’s.

So I clicked on ‘Cancel’, and got taken immediately to a black DOS-like screen! There, I could see a log being created of all the startup applications running. I tried hitting some commands on my keyboard but that didn’t help. After that strange diversion, I was taken back to the main login screen, and managed to log in as myself. Everything seems normal now.

I used to think this would only happen on a PC, but now I think it’s just me. I jinx all my computers. I made a brand new PowerMac, running on dual 2.0GHz processors with 1GB of RAM, crash. Admittedly, I tried to install StuffIt at the same time as Microsoft Office. But isn’t this the second fastest personal computer model in the world (the fastest being the 2.5GHz PowerMac)? Didn’t they say, Macs never crash?

However this isn’t an anti- OS X rant. Many problems involve external applications and I am sure there are workarounds to them. Thank you, kind readers, for all your Mac tips. I have found them extremely valuable.

On a more positive note, I have been able to:

  • Record a track in GarageBand in a matter of minutes. The sounds are pretty good, actually (though nothing, yea, nothing, compares to a Korg!). However I really ought to connect my music keyboard to the G5 (after I purchase a MIDI adapter), lest I click my mouse to death.
  • Convert my GarageBand track, as well as WAV files exported by my Korg Triton Extreme workstation, to AAC files which were then transferred to VanPod.
  • Plug-and-play external USB devices like my memory card reader. There I was, expecting some Hardware Wizard to pop up, Windows-style, when all I had to do was insert my CF card and it appeared on my desktop. Duh.
  • Watch a DVD. I hardly ever watch DVDs. What’s with this zoning thing? I can only change my region five more times and I’m feeling thrifty.
  • Gaze at my photos in a completely different way (yes I’m still doing it). A winning combination of iPhoto and, most definitely, the brilliant display.
  • Turn off my computer by pressing a button on my monitor. I just love doing that. Also, activating the display controls the same way.
  • Discover other websites dedicated to OS X tweaks. Like this one.


  1. b

    i’m in the process of switching too… but it’s to a used g4 powerbook with its monitor broken off – my husband’s – he gets to buy a new one and i get the used goods… sigh. btw how did the scgs reunion go?

  2. vantan

    Hello Brenda!
    The SC reunion went well enough. I caught up with some teachers and found out which girls were getting married/having babies! It’s funny how I chatted with people I hardly even spoke to back in school.

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