Blistering barnacles…

My bible study mates and I had a glorious time camping at Sentosa over the weekend and playing with their kids on the beach. My shoulders, however, now resemble that of a lobster’s because I neglected to apply sun block all the way up my arm. Duh.
The last time I camped at an island in Singapore was back in ’93 at Pulau Ubin. Despite every attempt to drown my skin with repellent, I acquired 50 mosquito bites all over my body (yes, I counted the bites on every limb and that was exactly it).
So on Saturday night I said a little prayer before I went to sleep, and didn’t get bitten at all! Hallelujah.
Wish I prayed about sunburn too. My skin feels like it’s about to erupt in blisters at any moment.
(*now praying for healing*)


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