Making light of the situation

How many Singaporean readers were hit by yesterday night’s blackouts?
I was in the middle of redesigning and had just hit upon the right colour combination and layout…. BEFORE I got to save the page. I suddenly found myself thrown in pitch darkness.
My immediate reaction wasn’t something like, “Oh no! I’m scared!” but more along the lines of, “Shoot, I should have saved! Dammit!”
Anyway. Almost immediately, VanPod lit up in its dock right in front of me. Saved by the ‘Pod! After setting its backlight to permanently on, it shone brightly enough for me to locate the torchlight in another room.


  1. Liza Ng

    I wasn’t hit by the blackout but my cable connection (both TV and Internet) was lost when I was somewhere in the middle of watching the WWDC 2004 keynote webcast.

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