When I say full time, it’s really full time

Since I’ve [announced my MBA plans](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/05/going_to_insead.php), I’ve been approached by a number of people asking me to freelance while studying.
My answer to this is: No. There simply isn’t enough time, even if the work involved is more strategic and less operational.
Those who are not familiar with what studying for an MBA entails – and even more who are unfamiliar with INSEAD’s system – may not realise there will be no time for such things.
Doing a full-time MBA at a top business school is already challenging. The classmates I’ve met so far are brilliant; many already have more than one degree, and are already high-flyers in their organisations. What’s more, our MBA syllabus is compressed into just 10 months while many American schools may take 22 months.
I want to dedicate my time fully to doing my MBA, and doing it well. What precious little time I have left will be spent with family, loved ones and friends. And that’s that.


  1. kristen

    i think it’s good that you know this upfront and are setting some boundaries. 🙂 a girl has to eat, sleep and play at least a little bit sometime.

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