California dreaming

I will be heading off to Los Angeles, California, on 18 May. I will then move to Las Vegas and return to Singapore at the end of May.
I have a few places in mind to visit – art museums like the Guggenheim, as well as Universal Studios. I might also make a campus visit to USC. Feel free to post other suggestions.


  1. Maria

    Oh, Vanessa… I’ll post a few suggestions here, but if you want more, please e-mail me.
    1. Go to the beach. Santa Monica, Venice, or Manhattan Beach.
    2. Go to the Getty Center.
    3. If you really want roller coasters, go to Magic Mountain.
    4. Go to Griffith Observatory (if it is open right now) and look at the stars and the pretty nightsky.
    5. Don’t go to USC. Go to UCLA. It’s a much more beautiful campus. (I’m biased, being a UCLA alumnus and all, but, also, the USC campus isn’t that safe. If you must go, go only during the day.)

  2. vic

    i wanna go too!!!
    i agree with maria, UCLA has a prettier campus, but go to USC and check out the rose gardens and the annenberg online journalism labs ;o) and yeah don’t go to USC at night.
    griffith observatory is closed right now unfortunately. griffith park is a sex-cruising spot … *g*
    personally, i’m partial to third street promenade at santa monica. you should try to get in a visit to the venice canals (near venice beach) too. it’s very pretty and quiet and you can go drool at the cute little houses by the canal. then finish off your visit with dinner and drinks at one of the many many restaurants and bars near venice … C&O trattoria is cheap and good and they do a nightly rendition of “that’s amore” which the whole restaurant joins in in singing – fun if you’re sufficiently drunk on the jugs of chianti house wine.
    feel free to email if you need any more suggestions. and have fun :o)

  3. kristen

    a short side trip to austin, tx? mark and i would love to see you and we’d certainly make sure your expenses were minimal to zero while you were in town! look a southwest flights from las vegas – i think they are relatively inexpensive!

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