Long time no blog

Yours truly was feeling a little under the weather this week, hence the lack of blogging for a record 6 days.
VanPod is doing fine. The Belkin voice recorder works marvellously well. I made a recording in church last Sunday. I could hear the voice of the guest speaker clearly from the back row. A couple minutes later, my nearly-exhausted battery died unceremoniously, making a buzzing sound which I tried to stifle violently. Bad Pod!
In other, more important news, I finally got to see the light of the Holy Spirit during my weekly Bible Studies session. As we bowed our heads for the closing prayer, I saw through the darkness of my eyelids an incandescent bulb of light where each of my friends were sitting. When I opened my eyes to figure out what was going on, I only saw their physical selves. When I closed my eyes again, I saw a dazzling white light where each of them was sitting. As my group leader (sitting on my left) prayed, through my closed eyes I saw white flames and sparks coming out from his side, just as he mentioned key phrases such as giving God thanks. Amazing, isn’t it. The Spirit lives in each of us who believe, let’s not forget that!


  1. Maria

    Hi Vanessa. Glad to see that you are negotiating your iPod well. Or something.
    When will The Passion open in Singapore? I’d like to hear (er, read) your thoughts on the film.

  2. vantan

    Hi Maria. I might be seeing it sometime between early to mid April. Our darling censors are still figuring out how to classify the movie – NC16? R(A)? It would be funny for a movie about Jesus to be R(A), despite the gore.
    Have you seen it already?

  3. Maria

    You must forgive my American ignorance: What is R(A)? Restricted to adults? Who else could be restricted? (RC for Restricted to Children?)
    I did see The Passion, and these were my thoughts.

  4. deb

    It was a good film. I can’t say I enjoyed it because it isn’t a film to be enjoyed – how can you say that you enjoyed seeing Christ suffer? I highly recommend it. πŸ™‚

  5. Jamie Yeo

    Hi there, was blog surfing and ended up here.
    Nice place u got here. I enjoyed and spend quite a fair bit of my worktime over here. ;p
    Anyways, Passion is a very good film, and tat is coming from a person who isnt a christian. My friend actually cried during the film almost the entire time. I believe you will appreciate the movie alot as well.
    Anyways, take care and hope you dun mind my intrusion into ur webspace.

  6. vantan

    Maria – Finally had time to craft a proper reply! R(A) I believe stands for Restricted (Artistic). The movies we watch are first screened by a bunch of people who get to watch all the naughty and violent shows, then decide that the rest of the nation shouldn’t πŸ™‚ Amusingly, some filmmakers have chosen to rebel against it. Here’s a list of movies are classified under R(A) in Singapore.
    Jamie – Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the movie. You aren’t THE Jamie Yeo, are you? πŸ˜‰

  7. Jaime Wong

    Hi Van
    Your form mail has not been working for a while now.
    I hope to start a local WSG meeting. It is sooo difficult to find someone with common interest in standards in this lion city. Everyone who is not into it makes me feel like I am an alien.
    You can learn more about Web Standards Group from their site – http://webstandardsgroup.org/ This is a wonderful, helpful and sincere list originated from Australia. Please contact me to discuss more about it if you are interested.
    I noticed that you have a category for God here. I want to share my experience which just happened tonight.
    I just experience something that can’t be explained (no magical stuff etc)…just those words and understanding that came out from my mouth is enough to shock me. Reason that I was shocked was because I am the most bull headed and stubborn person in the whole wide world and I hate being nagged at.
    I was born a Catholic (but never went to Church since 12 yrs old…a true example of a black sheep that strayed away so far and don’t even feel guilty about it).
    Now god has shown me the true path to salvation after years of trying to turn me into one of his sheep. He has guided me to the 7th church (last of the 7 churches which is stated in the bible but right now I can’t tell you where) but I scorned at his guidance and was in denial for the past 5 years when I came to know about it.
    What happened is a miracle to me even I have yet to be baptised or receive the tongue. But because of this, I want to be baptised straight away because I had a taste of that peace and happiness which I have never felt before..it can’t be explained! I can’t even believe that i would actually go to the church willingly today. I made my brother promise me that I would not get all that attention like a monkey in a circus. I was rejecting everything that was being said to me just now in the church and told them that i will get baptised when my heart is ready. The problem is me and not the words. I guess it is the fear of commitment. And I kept hoping that it is time to go home as I felt soooo sleepy. I did doze off for few sec in the second half..can’t even control it. One whole sunday burnt.
    When i came home, the 1st thing I did was to log onto the net and check my mails and my friend msn me and I said stuff I would not even think about! The thing is I understand and am sure of what I was talking about.
    For e.g. I am in a down mood recently and he asked me why and that I should seek professional help. My answer to him was, “I do not know why I am telling you this or why I suddenly feel this way. No one can help me except for god. All I need to do now is to entrust my life and soul to him and I know that he will guide me and tell me what to do.” When I was saying this I was dazed for a while then at the back of my mind I was thinking…bah must be the after-effect of the church. But as the conversation went on, I said more stuff which I could not comprehend before. I not only understand what i was saying but I really said it from the bottom of my heart. I really am willing to entrust my heart and my soul to god. I felt the love and trust for god even if it was for a split second as well as that peaceful happiness. I could not understand how can one love god as in really love him more than yourself. But now I know and I finally understand that peace and happiness they were telling me. I can’t wait to walk into his hands next wed and be baptised. I want to have that peace and happiness forever because now I had a brief encounter with it…I finally understand what it feels like to be saved in the spirit. I am sure after receiving the spirit, that feeling will be even better.
    Sorry to spam your thread. Just so excited because something like this actually happened to me when I least expected it despite the fact that i was all armed with rejection to commit even after the service today. My cousin told me that if I were to go to that church and be baptised, she would faint right in front of me. Well I guess I can finally see her fainting lol. The impossible has happened.

  8. vantan

    Hi Jaime. Thanks for pointing out the bug, I’ve asked my web host to fix it.
    Thanks for your testimony. It’s just as well you put it online and didn’t just email me, so that more people can read it!
    I am interested in a Singapore WSG, though with my current work commitments I cannot promise to spend a lot of time on it. Do keep me informed.

  9. Jaime

    I got baptised tonight finally! And this time round is with my own will not when I had it when I could even barely see as a baby πŸ˜‰
    As for WSG, won’t require any commitments at all since there is already a mailing list and everything is done up. All we need to do is to meet up once every one or two months just to ensure that the local group will keep going on.
    Is there an email I could keep in touch with you with once there are any news?
    Oh you might be interested to register with WSG list 1st πŸ™‚

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