Deluxe retail treatment

After having dinner with Ally, Paul and little Nate, I walked around Great World City and was inevitably sucked into the Black Hole which I call That CD Shop (because I can never seem to leave, and all my money seems to be going into one).
A sharp-eyed sales assistant spotted me and hijacked my aural attention with some recommendations. After listening to a few good mixes, I decided that buying one or two compilations would be fine.
I listened to a few more CDs on the big speakers.
Then I thought, well, actually three or even four albums would be fine. That would be it. Finito.
Then again there was that new Bebel Gilberto album I was planning to get. Surely it wouldn’t count in my quota of four albums, would it?
Oh, and there were even more new compilations I had to listen to. French, Italian, Latin and Punjabi sounds were all calling out to me! The assistant listened to my critiques of each track, and fine-tuned her choice of music for me, so the music just got better and better!
Since it was nearing 11pm I was getting drowsy.
They solved that problem by grinding some beans and making me some decent coffee. They like to do that sometimes.
So after much cajoling and pampering I purchased El Latino, Saint Germaine’s Cafe, G Lounge Milano, Latino Beats, and bargrooves al fresco. As well as Bebel’s album. I am so glad I’m earning money again, because a good part of it seems to be sucked into That CD Shop (and Apple Centres).
In my defense I did throw back three more imported CDs which I felt were good but beyond my budget.
I got home and to my chagrin, found that most of the CDs were fingerprinted or slightly scratched. I am going back to the shop tomorrow to see if I can exchange them for unopened copies – they’ve done it for me before without asking questions.
Oh no. That means I might end up buying more CDS from them. What a sneaky thing to do! 😮
[Update: Good service prevailed, folks. They changed my CDs and I got to inspect each one of them. However I found that some of the CDs in fancier packaging, especially those with lots of paper sheets and booklets inside, were slightly ‘dusty’ – presumably from the folded edges. Also, be careful when opening CDs that have been tested before – sometimes they fall out of the casing when you re-open them, and get scratched. Something to note.
Of course, while I was there, the sales assistant who served me last evening recognised me.
“Oh, hi!! Ready to try some new CDs?” she chirped.
“Noooo-ooo!” I hollered, cringing at the cashier counter, my voice drowned out by thumping music.
They are truly very persistent.]


  1. albert

    You didn’t know that CD shop has very good sales person? My male friends reported that the female assitants were attractive and mesmerizing, that you will miss out the fact that imported CDs cost twice as much 😉

  2. deb

    I’m truly impressed. I think the service industry in Singapore has picked up pace a little. Ever since I got back, I’ve been experiencing pleasant sales assistants (even in POSB [!!!] & hospitals).
    So…when do I get to hear your compositions? 😉 Am looking forward to it!

  3. nyx

    french lounge music of the st. germain cafe sort, but better, imho: get the stuff by stephen pompugnac. i think that’s roughly how it’s spelt. he mainly mixes this series of compilations called ‘hotel des costes’, but he also has a personal album released.
    good stuff.

  4. vantan

    Thanks for your post, nyx.
    Actually, I think I own everything by Stéphane Pompougnac 😉
    Costes 1-6
    Saks 5th Avenue
    And his own album, Living On The Edge
    Of course, do tell me if he has any more albums!

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