The Runaway Jury

If the Runaway Jury was a gripping book, I’d say the Runaway Jury was a gripping movie. I never read the former, but I just enjoyed watching the latter.
Dustin Hoffman was, of course, impeccable as the prosecutor. He’s one of the few actors who can fit into a role so easily, you’d think he really was the character all along. It’s funny to think that when I was young, every time I saw him in a movie I would instinctively think, “Tootsie!”.
And I realised, after watching Serendipity and this movie, that I quite like John Cusack. That boyish look, those purty li’l lips… Even if he was playing a manipulator he’d look all innocent and sweet.
The show also demonstrates real-life legal and social issues which people have been debating since laws were invented. Was it all for money (for both defence and prosecution)? If the prosecution won, would that open the floodgates for all other manufacturers of just about everything else in the world, to be sued as well?
For most of the show I was left guessing until nearly the end. Go watch it. It kept me on the edge of my seat for hours.


  1. Maria

    I watched “Runaway Jury” on a plane flight, and I agree with your assessment.
    John Cusack causes me to experience uncontrollable grinning with sudden outbursts of “oh, he’s SO CUTE!”.
    Have you seen the film “The Grifters”? Not particularly great, but Cusack plays a con artist. And does a handsome job at that.

  2. Jmah

    I agree, the Runaway Jury was good. I had my doubts during the trailer but the movie was actually pretty good.
    And the Cusak thing? Since Im a guy, I prefer Rachel Weis more. I love her in any kind of movie. She was especially good in “About a Boy”

  3. Karen

    Ooo ! John Cusack is sooo cute ! haahaa, Show was good too (:
    I caught Grosse Point Blank back in Uni days, such an excellent show. Pity they dont sell it as a DVD in SIN, cld only get the VCD..
    He also acted in Pushing Tin.

  4. Karen

    Hi Van Heng !
    Thanks for the offer, is it only 10USD there ??!!!
    Actually, my fiance is going to Chicago tomorrow, so I’ll get him to look out for that while he’s there !

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