Singapore Idol holds true

Taufik won.
And there were three million votes.
I always preferred Mat to Ah Beng because he was really the better singer, even though he always looked more anguished. Singapore will be proud to have Taufik as our representative in World Idol. At least, he can pronounce his words properly.
We know the Chinese market will be waiting for Sly, so no big loss to him. Kind of sweet that his parents spoke up for him. Oh, I was pretty amused by Taufik’s 5 brides (erm, I think Muslim law permits up to 4).
And both of them, in fact almost all the finalists, sang better than Dick Lee.
[Additional thought: Isn’t it strange that even though Taufik won, most of us think Sly will do better in Asia? It is a paradox that continues to affect English-speaking singers in Singapore. If you want to make it big more easily, sing in Mandarin, because you can market yourself in Taiwan and China. However that’s about as far as you will get, although that is good enough by most Singapore standards. Unless you want to land roles in Hollywood movies playing stereotypical kung-fu good cop/gangster characters, because that’s how Asian artistes are generally viewed.]