News from the driving range

We interrupt this transmission of the second Gulf War to bring you news from the driving range: Vanessa Tan has finally broken the 170 metre barrier with her new driver.
It was a straight and powerful drive which shot past the left side of the 167 metre flag.
Tan was exuberant as she exclaimed to her mother, “That was the best S$299 I ever spent!” She was referring to the Japanese-made driver she recently purchased at Daimaru’s closing down sale. It originally cost S$1499.
“It wasn’t too difficult. I simply recalled everything my coach taught me, and tried not to tense up like I usually do. Then I made one of the best swings of my life,” she said.
Tan’s father added with an approving nod, “If she keeps up like this, I think a short game will be in order.”
Tan is now considering taking her handicap test this year.


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