I love the new Mozilla Firefox. But I noticed something funny this morning when I tried to access some of my usual news websites.
The scrollbar was missing. When I tried to get around this problem by using the PgUp and PgDn keys, my page appeared to scroll down, then a split second later bounced back to the top again. The normal ‘down’ arrow worked fine, though.
A quick search on the Mozilla website didn’t reveal anything, but I did find out that other users experienced the same scrolling problem (see the comments postings on Firda’s entry here).
Turns out that if you use alternative themes for Firefox 0.8, the scrollbars won’t show. So for now I’ll bear with the default version until the bug is fixed.
[Update #1: It appears that the scrollbar works with other themes I’ve installed, so it could be a problem with the individual themes and not Firefox. Thanks to Cheah Chu Yeow for the tip. ]
[Update #2: Those of you using Accessible Image Tab Rollovers (a la Fast Company) need to delete an extra line of code to make the rollovers work. More details over at Simplebits. ]


  1. Cheah Chu Yeow

    This seems to be a problem with only certain themes – don’t think it is a Firefox bug (didn’t find it in Firefox), but rather a problem with the theme(s) you’re using. I’m using a custom theme myself.

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