It’s a free world after all

Two nice things happened to me this Friday. First, in the morning I finally met a nice client. A very polite German lady, who made reasonable requests and actually understood the nature of the internet as a medium.
Next, the Singapore NIC (registrar for .sg domain names) replied to my query, confirming that .sg sites don’t necessarily have to be hosted in Singapore as well. That is good, because local web hosts generally charge more than overseas companies (especially in the US where competition is fierce). Of course if you know of a good local host which supports Coldfusion and SQL, please let me know by posting a comment below. Thank you.
And make that three nice things, since an old friend I haven’t heard from since junior college days, has just posted on my website. Hey hey 🙂
It’s past 2 am, I know I should be sleeping soon and I will. Goodnight.