Busy weekend plans

A quick update as most happening things are, well, happening on my [INSEAD blog](http://vantan.org/insead/). Survived the orientation week but it will continue into next week where I will hopefully join some interesting clubs. My team is working fine and we are all contributing in class discussions.
Social life apart from INSEAD is down to a minimum. I can only spend time with my nearest and dearest – family and friends. Body is aching from Outward Bound. Thinking of getting a massage but I am collecting my iPhone at 3pm at Comm Centre this Sunday … anyone feeling bored can join me while I wait in the queue. I think 24 months is too long a contract because by then there’ll be an iPhone 4G with two cameras or iPhone 3D or whatever Steve Jobs can churn up that will blow our minds once again.
Sunday I have a Bristol BBQ party, but at the same time there is an INSEAD BBQ. So I imagine that I will get the iPhone, dash home to charge it if necessary. I may have to skip the INSEAD BBQ because I haven’t seen my uni friends in a while. We’ll see if I can squeeze it all in! And Sunday’s supposed to be my day of rest? 😛