Which keyboard?

I’m contemplating getting a new keyboard and am sorely tempted by the new Korg Triton Extreme. The special thing about it is that it has the features of the other Triton models and more, and … it’s blue, not silver. It isn’t cheap. I’m waiting for it to hit the shops in Singapore to see if I’m comfortable with it.
Alternatively, if I could get my hands on a Fender Rhodes I’d be one very happy person. After listening to what Bill Evans (and possibly Jamiroquai) has done with the vintage electric piano, I’d lock myself in at home and play it all day long.
Ultimately I don’t need 2,000 sounds in a keyboard. What I want are specialised programs – the electric piano with tremolo; that jazz percussion brush sound; rising cymbals; the urban snare; a rich acoustic bass; real-sounding strings; the ‘film noir-esque’ muted trumpet … perhaps a few good synths and some good organ vibes. Also it should be easy to sequence, save and write tracks onto CD.
In other news, here’s an interesting article for fellow musicians-cum-Flash designers from Keyboard Magazine.


  1. ady

    I’m assuming that you’re into Midi as well. Have you considered using softsynths instead? And you can find filters online.

  2. vantan

    Nope, I haven’t done anything with Midi yet. What a pity, eh. I probably have to upgrade my Mac first, and the software is going to cost a bit.
    You’re not the musician Ady I used to work with, are you?

  3. dorlan

    I guess the Triton is so ridiculously loaded that they could only change the color!
    I fantasized about the Triton studio for a while, but being a poor student made the Yamaha Motif a very nice compromise based on price.

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